I’m back!


Wow, I left Spain a week ago today. The hills in northern Spain were green and alive. The Spanish people alive, passionate. I formed new friendships, people from around the world. My Camino was done in the rain, which I learned to love. I scattered ashes at the end of the world — Finisterre. It was magical, and the skies clear, the sun setting in the background. As I assimilate everything, and begin to integrate it all, I open to the ways in which my inner landscape has changed. I came home to a changed landscape here in Idaho, and while I missed fall entirely, I see the beauty that surrounds me.

I’m back, and available for private consulting. Plan for the inevitable. Know your options. I’m here!

Here’s to wishing everyone a happy Holiday season. Remember to BREATHE. Find JOY. BE open to CHANGE. LOVE big!



Surgery for Blocked Arteries Is Often Unwarranted, Researchers Find

NY Times (November 16, 2019) article. I highly recommend taking a close look at your options, should the need arise. The “typical” intervention may not be the one for you. Investigate before making any decisions. This is your HEART!