Nursing homes are a breeding ground to a fatal fungus.

A Tribute to Vee!

September 7, 2019

Five years ago, Vee’s soul soared out of here like a shooting star. That was precisely her wish. For those of you who didn’t know Vee, she was my mother. As she neared the end, we planned. All went relatively well, considering. After she was gone, I bathed and anointed her body, then dressed her in her white silk robe, the one she had selected. Her body would then be lowered into the Chariot on the living room floor. I lit some candles and sipped ice cold vodka from one of her shot glasses, and waited until the sun brought in a new day.
Vee took responsibility for everything, including her death. She collaged her cardboard cremation container months in advance and named it: Vee’s Chariot. A few of Vee’s friends stopped by to pay respect. Each wept and placed something inside the Chariot. Later that afternoon, a close friend and I drove my mother’s body to Twin Falls for cremation. Vee really wasn’t in the Chariot. No, I believe she was sitting right on top, hanging out with us as the warm winds blew through the van and music played. Everything was surreal. The entire experience left me in awe. Through it all, there was a deep reverence and a love so expansive it’s impossible to describe. I continue to cherish this intimate, and life-changing event. Immense gratitude to everyone who helped, and got us through those last 9 months.

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